About us

Morello is a communication and graphic design agency.

Like so many small organizations we have a unique story to tell about how we started life, our vision and our inspiration. We hope we will get an opportunity to meet with you and share our story. We are based in Victoria, British Columbia and we work with clients locally and across the world.

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Added extras

We understand the pressures of running your own business and we have firsthand experience of the corporate world and the need for quick turnaround times, followed by delays and then an urgent rush. Regardless of tight time scales or challenging business objectives we don’t worry about it – we just do what we need to do to get things delivered. We have diverse skills… whatever you need – just ask. If we can’t do it we will find someone for you who can! You’ll always get a warm and friendly welcome.


Cutting Edge Software

At Morello we use cutting edge graphic design software. This software enables us to create your projects in the fastest, most efficient way possible without losing any quality or creativity.